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Read and hear how Dave and Sue Corley started DSC, their modest beginnings,
their experiences with Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, other famous people.

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DSC Labs – Better Images Through Research

Since 1962 – Cutting edge technology that produces consistent optimum quality images

DSC Labs produces a wide range of precision test patterns for numerous applications in broadcasting, digital cinema, motion picture production, medicine, security, etc.

Made for professionals and individuals who demand the finest picture quality…….



The Ultimate Image Control Program


Picture quality important?   Let Veritas “The Goddess of Truth” put you in control!

DSC’s Veritas Program provides the tools and support to help you make great images.

Veritas provides:Veritas-Certificate

1. DSC’s finest quality test patterns and support

2. Annual test kit helps you decide when to trade in or upgrade your test charts

3. Significant saving over annual chart replacement

4. Handsome wall Certificate confirming your commitment to image quality

5. Discounts on many DSC products and services

6. Industry standard reference data, used world wide

7. Satisfaction of being environmentally responsible by returning traded-in DSC products for recycling.

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Another Award Winning Product for DSC Labs

We are proud to announce that DSC Labs’ Xyla 21 is a recipient of the 2013 NewBay Media Product Innovation Award, honoring outstanding recent product introductions that serve TV, professional video and broadcast/online radio organizations. Thank you for your continued support!

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Are Test Charts Really Necessary?  Hollywood says, Yes!


“SMPTE photo by R. P. May”

In the spring, the Hollywood Section of SMPTE presented:

Test Patterns, Science and Art?

Joe Kane headed up presentations by Lucy Raven, the well known artist, writer and editor based in New York, Dan Sherlock of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and Vince Roth of Fotokem.

Joe Kane discussed how recent innovations have made test patterns more meaningful and useful to users than ever before and introduced the new SMPTE Test Charts from DSC Labs.

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Steve Lucas, Quality Control Manager Burbank, California ............... **We need charts that are accurate, readily available and ruggedly constructed - and CamAligns fit the bill. We use CamAligns to service HD and SD cameras. Necessary tests - gain, gamma, flare comps, black level, colorimetry, detail level and white shading - are completed quickly and precisely with the charts.
Steve Lucas
David Hart, Senior Service Engineer. - Sony Corporation of America - WUSDHSP0109Burbank, California ..............My engineering team has been using DSC's Combi-1 test transparency since 1994. We service and repair a variety of Sony cameras at Sony's Western Regional Service Center. Many of our clients are high-end shooters for TV ne WUSDH
ws, news magazines and documentaries - working in Los Angeles, Burbank and Hollywood. Amongst many user applications,

we use Combi-1 to align HD cameras for shooting space shuttle takeoffs and landings.

Combi-1's true reference vector color values provide a de facto standard for making our clients' images accurate and consistent, either to SMPTE or the user's preference. The chart is a time and cost saver, too - our engineers do a color alignment in under 10 minutes. We have satisfied customers and excellent repeat business. The big challenge is trying to explain the benefits of color alignment to new clients. Many shooters aren't aware of what their cameras can do. They're surprised at how much better theircameras look than everyone else's after we've aligned them.
David Hart

We are Flattered, but because it looks like a CamAlign or ChromaDuMonde doesn’t make it so.

DSC Labs has been notified that test charts purporting to be genuine DSC products are being offered for sale on the Web.  DSC charts are made to extremely precise standards and using a fake chart could do real damage to a production and a user’s reputation.  Ensure that your DSC products are purchased from authorized DSC Dealers or directly from DSC.