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In my past career as a motion picture camera assistant, I used your company’s chart from time to time. I will say that they are easily the finest on the market.


Dennis A. Livesey Freelance camera assistant October 3, 2017

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New York, NY ....... Jay B at Air Canada CenterWI have been using Ambi/Combi since the early 90s, and have found it to be a time saving tool in camera preparation and service. Because grayscale, flare and colorimetry are combined, only one chart is needed for general alignment. Ambi/Combi is a time-saver and offers consistent and accurate results.   **I have been affiliated for many years with major US networks based in New York, where Ambi/Combi is used in daily alignment of studio cameras. Initially, we began using Ambi/Combi in the laboratory, where earlier illuminators had greater shading errors than any of the lens/camera combinations under evaluation. This non-uniformity could result in the cameras being misadjusted. When demonstrated in studio operations, the Ambi/Combi System was embraced by some of the most critical users and placed into service on major network programs.

Jay Ballard Senior Video Engineer, American Broadcasting Corporation - New York, NY July 26, 2016

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We've been using DSC test materials for 10 years - and we love 'em.  We've looked at everything else for our Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver facilities - but nothing compares.  DSC charts are the standard of the broadcast industry.

Rob Sim Sim Video Toronto, Ontario July 26, 2016

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David HartMy engineering team has been using DSC's Combi-1 test transparency since 1994. We service and repair a variety of Sony cameras at Sony's Western Regional Service Center. Many of our clients are high-end shooters for TV neWUSDH

ws, news magazines and documentaries - working in Los Angeles, Burbank and Hollywood. Amongst many user applications,we use Combi-1 to align HD cameras for shooting space shuttle takeoffs and landings.

Combi-1's true reference vector color values provide a de facto standard for making our clients' images accurate and consistent, either to SMPTE or the user's preference. The chart is a time and cost saver, too - our engineers do a color alignment in under 10 minutes. We have satisfied customers and excellent repeat business. The big challenge is trying to explain the benefits of color alignment to new clients. Many shooters aren't aware of what their cameras can do. They're surprised at how much better theircameras look than everyone else's after we've aligned them.

David Hart Senior Service Engineer Sony Corporation of America - WUSDHSP0109Burbank, California July 26, 2016

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We need charts that are accurate, readily available and ruggedly constructed - and CamAligns fit the bill. We use CamAligns to service HD and SD cameras. Necessary tests - gain, gamma, flare comps, black level, colorimetry, detail level and white shading - are completed quickly and precisely with the charts.

Steve Lucas Quality Control Manager Burbank, California July 26, 2016

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Thank you for an excellent product that has saved a number of people a lot of time! I purchased one of your portable test cards and decided to shoot the card on each scene change. Well, I’ve been trying to do that, and I’m hearing that the editor finds this to be a very valuable tool. She is able to quickly match shots and produce a more uniformed look to each scene and to an overall production as well. The fact that you are Canadian is just icing on the cake. All-in-all, a truly terrific product that I should have been using years ago. I’m glad I’m using it now!

Michael Strange Strange Communications Limited July 26, 2016