Featuring Industry Leaders


Scott Billups

Moviemaker Extraordinaire!

Scott Billups scooted in a wheelchair into the DSC booth at  NAB 1999. In true Billups style, the fact that he had broken numerous bones in an ice climbing mishap and was in considerable pain, failed to slow him down…

Sean Camera Smile Web

B. Sean Fairburn

Highly disciplined, deeply religious and fiercely American . . .

Gunner Fairburn is a tough, proud US Marine.  He is also respected by his peers as one of the most knowledgeable High Definition DPs in the industry.

CP Sand dune camera

Chuck Pharis

Moviemaker Extraordinaire!

DSC first met Chuck Pharis on a cold, wet, winter’s day in Pittsburgh, PA.  Jay Ballard, one of our industry’s most respected engineers, had called to say that he was working with Chuck to set up some Panasonic 720P HD cameras

RM Sailing E1W

Roger Macie

He’s a real cool sailor

You might say that Roger Macie was born into broadcasting; his father, Stan Macie was a pioneer in the industry.  The elder Macie worked on the construction and maintenance of one of the first television stations …


Robert Goodman

Award-winning producer, director and journalist

Modest, humorous, energetic, versatile, articulate, artistic and very technical.  These words aptly describe Robert Goodman – you can also add award-winning producer, director and DP to the list


Tom Campbell

Film/Video Productions

Chances are good that you’ve already seen Tom’s work on magazine covers, posters, calendars and greeting cards. This gifted and prolific photographer has 78 magazine covers to his credit, and has also shot film and video for many years.