The Ultimate Image Control Program


Veritas Provides:

  • DSC’s finest quality test patterns and support
  • Annual test kit helps you decide when to trade in or upgrade your test charts
  • Significant saving over annual chart replacement
  • Handsome wall Certificate confirming your commitment to image quality
  • Discounts on many DSC products and services
  • Economy, with low annual maintenance cost
  • Industry standard reference data, used world wide
  • Satisfaction of being environmentally responsible by returning traded-in DSC products for recycling.


Enjoy all the benefits Veritas provides – it’s simple:

  • Join the Veritas program by contacting DSC or a participating DSC Labs dealer, or
  • Call DSC to trade in and upgrade a ChromaDuMonde or other DSC chart to Veritas.

Different Veritas programs for different users

  • Each benefits a particular user requirement, from single camera operators to major Networks and Studios, Police departments, Medical institutions etc.
  • Members have the option of changing level and may leave the program at any time.
  • Veritas also provides significant savings for DSC specialized services, consultation on precision image reproduction and print color correction for medical and forensic work.

Inaccurate test charts = inaccurate image reproduction

No worries, when you have Veritas! – Contact information below:

For additional information on Veritas and other DSC programs and products, please contact DSC Laboratories:

Tel. 905.673.3211 – e-mail