Ambi Illuminators


The NEW Ambi-3 Illuminator

The ultimate self contained illuminator just became even better:

  • A self contained, full spectrum quartz light array eliminates the need for external light sources.

  • Compact, portable and self contained, the new Ambi-3 significantly reduces light leakage, making it better suited for low light (high dynamic range) testing.

  • Change the light temperature to suite your needs by applying DSCs custom Ambi-3 filters.

  • Upgrade your Ambi-2 to a new Ambi-3 in seconds, with the easy to install Ambi-3 illuminant panel.

Exceptional Light Evenness & Portability

When you need exceptional light evenness and portability, Ambi’s your best choice for Ambi’s different because it makes use of an external light source – either a lamp mounted on its stand, or a nearby dedicated light source matching the key light. 

The illuminant is directed at the adjustable mirror on Ambi’s rear side, and light is then transferred through the illuminator’s color-corrected diffuser panel to illuminate the test target. Known for its incredible light evenness, the Ambi 3 Illuminator is the ultimate companion piece to DSCs rear lit Combi test charts.

Customize Camera Set-Up to Shooting Conditions

Only Ambi Lets You Customize Camera Set-Up to Shooting Conditions. Because its light source is external, Ambi lets you alternate between  quartz, HMI, fluorescent, daylight and other illuminants.  Used with different lamp types, Ambi provides test transparency illumination that is precisely color-matched to the types of lighting a camera will encounter.  Setting up a camera’s color matrix to several different illuminants, and then using the appropriate stored matrix setting during a shoot, can dramatically improve the visual quality and consistency of your images.

Video:  How to Set up the Ambi Illuminator, and more

Ambi Specifications

Model:  Ambi-2

Size Closed:  20x24x8.5″

Size Open:  20x24x23″

Weight:  16lbs

Format:  16:9 and 4:3

Companion Combi OSGs:  8×13.5″ Wide

Sturdily yet elegantly constructed of extruded-aluminum, stainless steel and Delrin, Ambi sets up in seconds on a standard 5/8″ light stand.  The optional AmbiStand holds the illuminator and has multidirectional locking wheels.  While versatile Ambi is used most often on a stand or sitting on a desk/table or bench, it may also be hung from a studio grid.

DSC test products are covered by one or more patents: US4779136 and 5350256 – with other patents pending.