The ChromaDuMonde™ and CamAlign™ Story

CamAligns were originally designed for the United States space program.  To obtain the desired contrast ratio DSC developed the AcuFlect™ surface which provides at least two f-stops more dynamic range than standard test charts.

Film studios and broadcasters soon discovered the CamAlign benefits of superb, consistent image quality and the rest is history.

ChromaDuMonde and CamAligns are now used world wide:

    • In the Lab – camera evaluation & testing
    • In the Studio – to set up and match cameras
    • On the Set – as a production standard
    • In Post Production – to optimize image quality

CamAligns Can Help You:

    • Shoot richer-looking Pictures
    • Optimise tonal reproduction
    • Make blacker blacks
    • Provide neutral shadow details
    • Use rain or shine, even underwater
    • Protect the environment – aluminum & other materials in DSC charts are recycled when traded in.

Why are they called ChromaDuMonde (Colors of the World)? 

Because CDMs (ChromaDuMondes) Conform to the International 709 Standard from the ITU in Geneva. The perfect choice for local and international production!

Multi-Tasking, Multi-Standard Charts!

ChromaDuMonde charts generate precise hexagonal-shaped vectorscope displays.  After setting gamma using a CDM’s precision crossed grayscales, colorimetry can be adjusted for accurate color reproduction or your own unique “Look”.


Today’s DPs, producers, digital/special effects technicians and camera operators increasingly view DSC charts as necessities for optimizing their high performance cameras, and the production value of their images.  ChromaDuMonde is the latest addition to DSC’s family of production-friendly CamAligns.

In Engineering

Use ChromaDuMonde to evaluate and adjust a video camera’s color matrix and gamma with a waveform/vectorscope.  Charts are especially useful for accurately reproducing skin tones, custom and difficult colors – purple and turquoise, and other colors which occur at prism crossovers.  

In Production …

Check and adjust cameras on the fly, and immediately see the effect of any hue changes on surrounding colors.  When producing “green screen” and other digital/special effects, ChromaDuMonde charts provide precise information about how camera hue adjustments are affecting the full gamut of color reproduction. 

Image quality and consistency can be enhanced by recording chart information to tape or film, and using it in post as a baseline production reference.  For scene-to-scene consistency, record a few chart frames with every lighting change – to facilitate/expedite color-correcting, matching footage, and digital/special effects.  Chart information provides a foundation for users’ creativity and innovation!

For incredibly accurate rear-lit test transparencies and illuminators Check out DSC’s Ambi/Combi System!

DSC test products are covered by one or more patents, others pending.  Liability of DSC Laboratories is limited to the replacement of test products.