DSC Product Categories

DSC Labs Test Charts fall into 1 of 2 major categories:

NOTE:  Northern Lights is both a Front- and Rear-Lit System.

Test Patterns are Fundamental to the Production of Consistent, High-Quality Images

From the crude grayscale charts used in early film production to present-day sophisticated color alignment systems, test patterns have been fundamental to the production of consistent, high-quality images. High-definition and advanced television systems have further emphasized the need for precision test materials.

DSC Labs produces high quality test patterns for a wide range of situations where Video & Image quality and consistency is a must.  Below is an overview of the DSC Test Patterns & Systems available for purchase. 

To help you choose the best test pattern for your situation, and to learn about the following:

  • Purpose of Test Patterns (Charts)

  • Types of Test Patterns

  • Suggestions in Selecting a Test Pattern

…………. Look over “Charts 101“, and essential guide to Test Charts.