Going Green….


…now a popular buzz word, has been DSC’s mantra since it opened in1962; it’s imperative for the continuation of life as we know it. In the 70’s for example, DSC’s custom titanium heat exchanger reduced one film processor’s heat requirements from 20 KW to less than 1 KW.

David and Sue’s family practice what they preach; 80% of the cars they drive are either electric or hybrid and two of their homes generate and return to the grid more hydro than they take out.

Before converting the 15,000ft DSC Lab building to ground source heating/cooling they tested it out on their own home – it’s a messy business, but worth it.

The process involves pumping antifreeze through polyethylene tubing deep into the ground.  During the winter you take heat from the ground to warm the building; in the summer the process is reversed, the cold from the ground is used to cool the building while the heat from the building is returned to the ground to use next winter.