Our Mission

To develop cutting edge technology that helps clients produce consistent optimum quality images.  DSC Test charts are not only used in television and motion pictures, but also in Law Enforcement, Medical and Security applications.

DSC Philosophy stresses technological innovation, honesty, integrity and service. 

The Company motto is………

“Better Images through Research”

DSC Background

David and Sue Corley started DSC in the basement of their home in 1962, moving into the custom 15,000 ft DSC labs building in 1989.  Originally award winning film producers, DSC has evolved to become a world leader in test chart production – DSC’s flagship ChromaDuMonde, is often referred to as “the Hollywood standard” test chart.


David received SMPTE Award 2017

DSC’s dedication to excellence resulted in many awards including:

  • SMPTE 2017 Camera Origination and Imaging Gold Medal Award
  • Canadian Rose Bowl for best TV Commercial
  • Bronze at the NY International Film Festival
  • Fuji Gold Medal (only 16 ever awarded)
  • Gemini for technical innovation
  • The Canada Award for Business Excellence

DSC first made test charts to use in their film productions and is grateful to the Engineers, DPs and others who have contributed so much to the evolution and success of DSC products and services.