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New Arrivals


Introducing the new line of CamBooks for the Run And Gun crowd. Portable, durable with many uses such as color reference, white balance, focus, skin tones, resolution and so much more …

The Ultimate Tool – ScreenAlign

Studio Monitor 2290 E3 NEW CM

Need to adjust your monitors, projectors or large venue displays so they can look their best?
ScreenAlign is simple to use in Identifying which displays need adjustment, the adjustment process and in validating the final results.

Latest News from DSC Labs

DSC on CBC National

DSC Labs’ David Corley, interviewed on CBC, The National, prior to winning the Technical Excellence Award and a Gemini …
Stay tuned … Another award is coming

Tradeshow Images NAB 2017

DSC Labs charts were everywhere at NAB, 2017, and in case you missed it here’s a brief slideshow in and around NAB …

Enjoy – check here for pics from other shows.

WEBINAR … coming soon
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Lighting and DSC charts

This webinar, moderated by Brad Dickson, is a basic introduction to explain how to use and light a chart. To sign in for this FREE webinar click here …

LabLetter (October 24th Edition)


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michael garber

This months tech tip courtesy of Michael Garber “How to Match 3 DSLR’s … Quickly and Easily”.
Have tech tips to share? Send them to tech@dsclabs.com

Charts in Action

This month’s charts in action is courtesy of Rakesh called “Workshop in Delhi”
We love seeing your charts in action – wanna be famous? Send us pics of your charts in action to

In the Spotlight

Tom Campbell

A shooter’s dream, or maybe nightmare … 15 ft. white shark off the coast of South Africa!

Tom’s shooting HD fin-side while cameraman Dennis Coffman shoots Tom with a second HD camera.

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